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Over the last 20 years Timothy has published 18 books.  Many of these are niche publications – including performance material and marketing advice for independent Entertainers and Corporate presenters including Speakers, Trainers, and MC’s.

His books for Professional Speakers & MC’s can be found here        –  www.ExpertMC.com

His books for the Magic Industry can be found here – www.MagicCoach.com


You may be interested in these titles –

The ExpertMC Toolkit & Resource Manual

You’ve been asked to MC an event and need some tips, ideas and some sure fire laughs. Or perhaps you are interested in entering the world of the Professional MC as a part time side business or as a full time career!

Save years of trial and error with our bestselling ebook.   DETAILS



Motivate Your Memory – Online Training Course

Timothy has taught Memory skills to thousands of people over the last 20 years. Workshops at Corporate Events and to many University groups. In this online training course, hosted on the giant Udemy platform, he guarantees to increase your memory ability by at least 10%. Lifetime Access to this training course for just $20 $10 for a limited time.  DETAILS


BWC  – An Interactive piece of Fun for any Audience.

Involves everyone in the audience and generates a huge laugh!

I take this to every MC assignment I do , it’s always ready if I need a fun opener or a quick filler.

Full Details HERE 


One Man’s War

The thrilling true life adventures of Timothy’s father G M Hyde.

Shot down over France during WW2, 6 weeks on the run, 3 escapes, 6 months in solitary confinement, a Court Martial and a hair raising attempt to steal an enemy plane. Then the 1,200 km “Death March” through the snows of Northern Europe.

Full Details Here