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Thanks for being in my audience for
“Ten Little Secrets” – Live!

Below you will find three things.

1/ Links to Download the the Lecture Notes – MagicCoach 100 & MagicCoach 200
2/ Some extra Resources I may have mentioned in the lecture.
3/ A 50% Off voucher to use on any of my other eBooks!

1/ Download MagicCoach 100 & MagicCoach 200

These two books contain over 300 pages of useful information for anyone wanting to make a career out of Mystery Entertainment. While some of the material in the first compilation is now a bit dated and a few of the Links do not work, there is still plenty there that is important. MagicCoach 200 is more up to date and was based on the the popular series I did for Vanish Magazine, but the articles have been expanded with more insights and examples.

DOWNLOAD    MagicCoach 100    PDF

DOWNLOAD    MagicCoach 200    PDF


2/  Resources

The Ultimate Shopping Cart!     
If you are looking to sell anything online, I highly recommend ThriveCart. I have been using it for years, it’s very powerful, secure and robust. It’s a one time payment and then you can use it for ever! Includes an Online Course Platform as well! Full Info Here

The 12 Week Year  – Brian Moran 
Excellent book on Productivity  Check out the current Amazon Pricing Here

Book Yourself Solid – Michael Port
Written for Consultants and Speakers it contains excellent advice on Marketing a service.  

Money Talks – Alan Weiss

My favourite book on the professional speaking industry.    



3/ Discount Voucher

Take 50% of any of my 16 books by using this Discount Code!

Enter this code on the Shopping Cart Page – COUPON22

You can find the Magic Related books here  www.MagicCoach.com

and the Speaking and MC Books here  www.ExpertMC.com


You may be interested in these titles in particular –


The ExpertMC Toolkit & Resource Manual

Do you ever do any MC work yourself?

Or know someone who would like to get into it?

Save years of trial and error with our bestselling ebook.    Full Details




The Secret Notebook of Mr Hyde – Volume 2
Magazine Memory – The Ultimate Demonstration  of Mental Ability  


The first book to be published on the Magazine Memory effect for over 50 years!

Step by Step instructions on the very routine I used to close all my Cruise Ship engagements.

Full Details



The Secret Notebook of Mr Hyde – Volume 1   Mirthful Mentalism

My first collection of Mentalism effects. Eight routines straight from my professional act including – the hilarious Pig Test, Zip Lock Psychometry, Seven Days and the acclaimed handling of The Mother of All Booktests.      Full Details


Routines For Rascals

5 Tried and True, Dynamic, Professional Routines for Family & Children’s Entertainers.

Full Details


Magically Speaking

Catapult your entry into the lucrative, exciting and rewarding world of Professional Speaking using the skills you already have.

Full Details


BWC – A short piece of interactive fun!

Available Now for Instant Download!

Straight out of my Professional Act!

Suitable for many types of performers – Childrens, Adults, Mentalists, MC’s, Clowns, Cruise Ship Performers, Corporate etc.

The ultimate “Packs Flat and Plays Big.”

Full Details