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Thanks for being in my audience!

Here are some of the Resources mentioned during the Presentation and probably a few we didn’t have time to cover.



The 12 Week Year  – Brian Moran   

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Better Brainstorming – Timothy Hyde     –    Free eBook  Download 

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Zen to Done  – Leo Babauta

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You may also be interested in these titles –

The ExpertMC Toolkit & Resource Manual

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Motivate Your Memory – Online Training Course

Timothy has taught Memory skills to thousands of people over the last 20 years. Workshops at Corporate Events and to many University groups. In this online training course, hosted on the giant Udemy platform, he guarantees to increase your memory ability by at least 10%. Lifetime Access to this training course for just $20 $10 for a limited time.  DETAILS


Sleight of Mind – Kickstart Your Creativity